Project Description

As our K9 Camp grows we plan on hosting many dog events and trials:

  • Agility run throughs and trials
  • Barn Hunt
  • Happy Ratters
  • Scent work
  • K9 Iron Dog Competitions
  • Farm Dog Certifications
  • Herding trials
  • K9 Movie nights
  • Wilderness First Aid & CPR

To view a list of current events please follow the link:

Current List of Events and Trials

DogHill K9 Iron Dog Competitions: Our K9 Iron Dog is geared to all levels and abilities:

Junior – (Cost $35.00) Ages 7-14, must run with a parent or guardian. This is the same course as the Pro Version. You and your K9 Partner go out and challenge yourselves with some easy and some difficult options. Take your time, do some training and have lots of fun.

Open – (Cost $50.00) More of a fun run that follows the same course as the Pro course but without the pressure of a competition. You and your K9 Partner go out and challenge yourselves with some easy and some difficult options. Take your time, do some training and have lots of fun.

Pro – (Cost $55.00) Our Pro option is for those teams that want to compete with themselves and others. The rules are much structured and you must complete all obstacles with the fastest times. The top three are awarded with a prize.

Ultimate – (Cost $75.00) Now this is a challenge and is not geared to the average dog owner. You need an exceptional bond, high level of trust and some serious training. The skills needed could include climbing a vertical wall, 12′ ladder, strict obedience and more.

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AKC Farm Dog Certification

The Farm Dog Certified test provides for a series of twelve exercises that represent situations a farm dog would encounter in a typical farm environment. The basic test requirements are designed to emphasize a dog’s ability of self-control, confidence and trust necessary to succeed in any canine/human partnership.
These traits and foundational training are vital to a working farm dog. The FDC program provides an opportunity for all dogs to apply their basic training in a novel environment, demonstrating their natural capability and trainability to work in partnership with their human companions. The Farm Dog Certified test is open to all dogs.

Include day at our camp and you can use the agility fields, dog parkour playground, and walk our 2+ mile K9 Iron Dog Course and really challenge your dog’s skills.

Farm Dog Trial – 1 Run $40.00
Farm Dog Trial – 2 Runs $75.00
Farm Dog Trial – 1 Run & day at camp $75.00
Farm Dog Trial – 2 Runs & day at camp $110.00

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Canine Movie Nights

We often run canine movie nights were humans and their K9 partners come out to Dog Pals Sports Camp. We start 2 hours before sunset allowing you to play on the agility field or the Dog Parkour field.

Your K9 must be dog-to-dog and dog-to-human friendly. If you are not sure about your K9’s temperament I would be happy to meet with you and your partner.

Movies will always be kid friendly and often animal related. In good weather movies are held under the stars, light rain movies are help under a 30’ x 30’ canopy.

You should bring:

  • Chair(s)
  • Bug spray (we recommend essential oils)
  • 6’ leash for the agility/parkour fields
    • No retractable leashes
  • Really tasty K9 treats for training
  • Crate if your dog’s needs to relax for the movie

Admission and Popcorn are free, but you must pre-register

Soft drinks & water will be available for a minimal cost

Movie Dates & Times


Are you looking to earn some money for you group. This is a great place to start. Simply organize a class and earn cash.

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Business discounts: 

Do you run a pet related company and need to train your staff on a regular basis then check out our discount programs.

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First Responder Training

Are you a Firefighter, Police Officer, Emt/Paramedic? Well check out our Pet First Aid Classes for you. 

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