Fundraiser  Programs

Our Fundraiser  Programs are very easy for you to set up, then earn or save money.

We have two main fundraiser programs for you to choose from.

1 – You set up a class for your club and the public (optional)

2 – A referral program

Which types of groups can participate is our program?

  • Animal shelters
  • Rescue Groups
  • Breed groups
  • Agility clubs
  • dock diving clubs
  • Obedience clubs
  • Specialty clubs
  • Church groups
  • Dog hiking groups
  • Disaster Animal Response Teams
  • Other similar groups

Class Fundraiser, How does this work?

  1. Contact me by phone, email or text
  2. We choose a date that works for both of us
  3. Your responsibility
    1. Advertise and build a class. The more students you have the more you earn
    2. Choose a location
      1. Depending on the size of the group you can come to me and earn a little more money or I will go to you.
      2. Room size is dependant on number of students
        1. we need enough space to handle 1 – 6′ table for each 2 students
        2. Plus enough room to set up a projector and screen for PowerPoint
  4. My Responsibility
    1. Advertise the class to the general public if you wish
    2. Provide a registration page for your students to sign up and pay
    3. Provide all training material & equipment
  • Books
  • Certificates
  • Patches
  • Emergency muzzle
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Projector and screen if needed
  • If needed chairs and tables (if required I will need help setting up and removal)
  • Paying you at the time of class
  1. What can you earn

    1. 25% of the net profits (my out of pocket expenses are $25.00 per person)
      1. example
        1. Students pay $120.00 each for the PetSaver Program
        2. – $25.00 expenses per student
        3. Net profit of $95.00 per student
        4. I round up and pay you $25.00 per student
        5. 20 students means you earn $500.00
        6. 30 Students means you earn $750.00
  2. Best part this a WIN – WIN – WIN Scenario

    1. You get to earn cash for your group
    2. Students learn how to save their pet’s lives
    3. I teach a class I love and make a living as well

Referral Program

This is easy. Just let me know you are going to be referring your clb/group members, adopters, friends or family to our Pet First Aid & CPR or Canine Nutrition Classes. I will add your groups name on my online referral list and every time a student lists you I will send you $25.00.

Feel free to call for more info.

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