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DeresaMy life partner
Deresa keeps me on the right track. Without her I do not know where I would be.
JAKE Cossack Sparkling Reserve
JAKE Cossack Sparkling ReserveAustralian Shepherd
Our beloved Jake passed away in 2014. He was one of the best.
My sweet and crazy boy
Our Beauty Queen
BOOKERAustralian Shepherd
Also known as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
I joke that Cooper is my experimental dog. Everything I have learned over 15 years is going into raising a dog.

Our Story

Although I have been lucking to live with a dog virtually my entire life, our life changed when we brought our first Aussie (Australian Shepherd) Jake came home with us in 2005. He was to be Deresa’s dog and she started training him as soon as he came home. As part of the training we did a basic agility program. I was hooked and moved to a larger training center and started competing with Jake. He was simply amazing and with in two years he earned his C-ATCH, an agility championship. From there everything changed and dog training became a full time mission.

“We brought Jim in for private lessons, because our dogs acted very differently in the house then they did outside of the house. We have 3 dogs, and they all have very different personalities. Jim explained up front that with three dogs, it will take a little longer than it typically would with one dog. I will admit that at first, I thought the stuff Jim was telling us to do wouldn’t help. We followed his instructions, and can’t believe how much things changed in a couple of weeks. Some of the ideas are different than the way we have done things with our dogs, but they work. Jim definitely knows the psychology of dogs, and knows what to do to get the desired results. Jim not only helped us with the dogs, but also how our family interacts with the dogs. Basically the training is for both the dogs and the people. It is harder to train the people than it is to train the dogs. I would strongly recommend Jim to anyone who would like to improve the relationship with their dogs, or would like to help with any issues they are having with their dogs. Now that we have seen a dramatic positive improvement with our dog at home, we signed up for additional classes that Jim teaches. THANK YOU Jim.”

Thomas Dobrowolski, Pet Owner

“I took a 3 day First Aid and CPR Certification with Jim and he was excellent. His knowledge of the subject matter was really good and he was able to answer all of the questions during the class. There were varying levels of knowledge in the class as well, and he was able to tailor his answers to so all received the info in a way they could understand it. I would highly recommend taking any class Jim teaches and wouldn’t hesitate to take another training with him.”

Michele Pytko, Bark 'N Leash

“We offer a lot of trainings to our Disaster Animal Response Team volunteers – but Jim’s Training was the first time we PACKED a room! Jim is incredibly knowledgeable, is well prepared, and has a good teaching style. Everyone really liked this training – such valuable information! If you are an animal lover, run….don’t walk to the next Pet Tech First Aid training….. you’ll be glad you did.”

My dogs have only been on their new diet for a short time but I can already see an amazing difference! Anouk’ coat is so soft and Brie is so much more calm and easy to mange.thank you!!!

Erica Marinello Seibert, Pet Owner

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