Business Discounts, for businesses that need to train their staff on a regular basis.

This could include:

  1. Daycare centers

  2. Dog training centers

  3. Grooming centers

  4. Shelter staff

  5. ASPCA staff

How does this work? It is very similar to a fundraiser 

  1. Contact me by phone, email or text

  2. We choose a date that works for both of us

  3. Your responsibility

    1. For class sizes of 10 or more I can come to you

    2. Choose a location, normally your place of business

      1. Room size is dependant on number of students

        1. we need enough space to handle 1 – 6′ table for each 2 students

        2. Plus enough room to set up a projector and screen for PowerPoint

    3. Have your staff show up on time.

  4. My responsibility

    1. Provide a registration page for your students to sign up. This allows me to have the names for certificates

    2. Provide all training material & equipment

      1. Books

      2. Certificates

      3. Patchs

      4. Emergency muzzle

      5. PowerPoint presentation

      6. Projector and screen if needed

      7. If needed chairs and tables (if required I will need help setting up and removal)

      8. Paying you at the time of class

  5. How much will you save?

    1. You will receive a $40.00 discount on the PetSaver Program or $10.oo on the Pet First Aid & CPR Program per student

    2. You may also choose to pre-purchase 10 registrations for existing or new staff and they can come to any of my public classes. I normally have at least one class scheduled per month.

      1. Your cost saving would be the same as above (line 5.1)