DogHill K9 Iron Dog

What is it:

An approximate 2+ mile trail run with each team consisting of a handler and dog

Course is held on a private wooded property and will consist of flat, hilling, rocky and possibly wet areas (depending on time of year)

Obstacles are spread over the walks (rope bridge), dog carry, window entry, obedience commands and first aid station.

Several of us testing some of the obstacles on the K9 Iron Dog Course 2018

Who can participate:

DogHill K9 Iron Dog is open to the public to compete and observe. All abilities and dog breeds are welcome. Competitors are a combination of Police, K9 Sar Units, Military and the general public. The only requirement is to come out and have fun.

DogHill K9 Iron Dog Competitions: Our K9 Iron Dog is geared to all levels and abilities:

Open – More of a fun run that follows the same course as the Pro course but without the pressure of a competition. You and your K9 Partner go out and challenge yourselves with some easy and some difficult options. Take your time, do some training and have lots of fun.

Pro – Our Pro option is for those teams that want to compete with themselves and others. The rules are much structured and you must complete all obstacles with the fastest times. The top three are awarded with a prize.

Ultimate – Now this is a challenge and is not geared to the average dog owner. You need an exceptional bond, high level of trust and some serious training. The skills needed could include climbing a vertical wall, 12′ ladder, strict obedience and more.


Simply complete all obstacles and the 2+ mile run with the fastest time being the winner.

Handlers must consider their dogs training and physical ability and complete the course safely

All dogs must remain on-leash during the run

General Info:

T-shirts and Medals to be awarded to all participants, with awards for top three times in Pro and Ultimate levels


We could really use volunteer/obstacle judges and sponsors for this event.


Please contact Jim Helems @413-246-6506 or

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