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Canine Nutrition:

Nutrition is probably the single biggest thing we can change and control in helping our pets live longer, healthier lives. I am not stating diet along will improve our pets lives, but it is huge. And yes I have heard that many pets have lived on to healthy old age eating Beneful, Ol Roy or similar poor quality foods, but that is the exception not the rule. I am sure we all have heard of people living to 100, smoking and drinking all their lives as well, but again that is not the norm.

When it comes to living a long life, nutrition does play a huge role. But so does genetics, exercise, fresh air, good veterinarian care, limited vaccines, delayed spay/neuter, limited to no pesticide use, like heartworm, flea and tick control, limiting chemical use in our homes and in our yards controlling insects and weeds. 

My philosophy on Canine Nutrition.

There are many thoughts on how to feed ourselves, never mind our pets and I do have my own biases on feeding my own pets. Yet I am here to help you and your dog have the best diet based on your thoughts, time and budget. You can feel safe working with me as I do not judge how pet parents feed their pets.  

It might be helpful to read both my Canine Nutrition Philosophy and my nutrition posts

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Need help designing a balanced diet. It is not always easy designing a recipe and making sure it is balanced for your dog. An unbalanced diet can be the worst thing you can do. With a little help from you I can design a nutritional balanced meal for your healthy dog.

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Canine Nutrition Class:

Looking to take a formal nutrition class? We offer an 8 hour class that covers the simple, reading a dog food label up to creating a home based diet and a few holistic remedies that you can begin using right away. 

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