Diet Designer Prices

Are you not sure how to design a complete and balanced diet for your dog? Don’t have the time to learn? You just want to make your dog’s food at home? You have a well dog! Well this is the place for you.

After discussing what your dog needs and what your goals are, I will create 1 or more complete and balanced recipes that can be used daily or better yet rotate diets to guarantee a great nutrition for your dog. 

All of this can be completed via phone and email right from your home.

So how does this work?

We start with an initial consultation. This usually just means you filling out our consultation form, but may require some phone time as well

I will:

Create 1 or more recipes based on the information you provide

Provide several reports to include: Actual recipe, a batch recipe, full analysis of the recipe 

To get started just choose your option below

Basic - Recipe

$12500Per Recipe


$20000For 2 recipes