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Puppy Kindergarten Classes

Just received a new puppy? Well even many of the best trainers take their puppies to a well established Puppy Kindergarten class. In my opinion this is the most important step in creating a well behaved adult dog. When Copper came home with me, he started Puppy Kindergarten at 9 weeks old. From there he went into basic obedience, an intermediate manners class, agility training and more.

When Should We Start Puppy Training?

Well believe or not, training should start as early as 3 weeks old. A good breeder will be using puppy socialization toys, handling skills, appropriate interaction with other dogs and people (babies, toddlers, adults, men, women, construction works and whoever else they may be able to find). Introduction to noises like thunder, trucks, fireworks, construction tools, vacuums at the appropriate volume or distance. 

Now that they are coming home with you whether from a breeder, shelter or rescue you need to continue the training or if they have not received any training then you need to start now.

What About My Puppy Vaccines?

The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB) now is taking the position that puppies should begin socialization before all their vaccinations are complete.
Socialization is critical when puppies are 3 to 4 months old. More deaths in dogs under the age of 3 are attributed to behavioral issues than they are to infectious disease, according to the AVSAB.

Ok More About Our Program:

We are lucky to have our training programs located on a working homestead and Canine Sports Camp, which allows us to offer socialization skills that most trainers/facilities cannot offer.

I like to train puppies using what some call Edutainment, basically learning through play. We will be using toys, agility equipment, parkour equipment, rocks, dirt, sand or snow depending on the time of year, man made surfaces likes: fencing, plastic, bags, tarps, and more. 

Best part is you are not committed to any one training time and day. You can schedule the times that work best for you. Once you pay for the class, just go to our private online registration page and sign up for the time that works best for you.

So what does our program offer:

During our first session we will discuss all the items below, if time allows. It is important you have a chance to ask questions and I will not rush the sessions so it is possible some topics will be covered in week 2.

  • Potty training
  • Feeding
  • Body Handling Techniques
  • Veterinarian Care
  • Spay/Neuter
  • Vaccinations
  • Bed Times
  • Training & Treats

During the next three session we will continue with the topics above and add in:

Basic skills like come, down, sit, wait for meals, wait at the door, and being on leash.

Puppy Kindergarten

Is your new puppy from 8 weeks to 16 weeks old. Consider this option if you are looking to start your new puppy on a road to success in the human world. Once you sign up for a package you can choose your class dates.

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Socialization is critical when training a new puppy. But it must be down correctly. New Pet Parents have to right intentions when they start bringing their new puppy out into the human word, but without the proper knowledge you can actually create a fearful, scared or an aggressive adult dog.

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