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Puppy Kindergarten Classes

Just received a new puppy? Well even many of the best trainers take their puppies to a well established Puppy Kindergarten class. In my opinion this is the most important step in in creating a well behaved adult dog. When Copper came home with me, he started Puppy Kindergarten at 9 weeks old. From there he went into basic obedience, an intermediate manners class, agility training and more.

There are many advantages to starting with a well established Puppy Manners Class:

  • Having other puppies to see and interact with
  • A second or even third eye to watch your puppy
  • A safe way to meet other people
  • Learn how to safely socialize your new friend
  • And many more.

What about vaccines?

We recommend discussing what vaccines are needed with your veterinarian first. But even if your veterinarian recommended waiting for the full series of puppy vaccines you should start puppy training as soon as possible. Vaccines & Socialization

Puppy Kindergarten

Is your new puppy from 8 weeks to 16 weeks old. Consider this option if you are looking to start your new puppy on a road to success in the human world.

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Socialization is critical when training a new puppy. But it must be down correctly. New Pet Parents have to right intentions when they start bringing their new puppy out into the human word, but without the proper knowledge you can actually create a fearful, scared or an aggressive adult dog.

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