Project Description

Canine Search and Rescue

K9 Search and Rescue (SAR) training takes K9 training to the next level. Most handlers think K9 SAR training is only for professionals that dedicate their time, money and life in the pursuit of their skills. Many handlers train their K9s for either “Live Find” (going to areas searching for missing individuals either in disaster areas, woods or urban areas) or training in HRD (Human Remains Detection) (searching for victims that are presumed deceased. These professionals need K9 partners that have a high drive, confident, willingness to work away from the handler and loyal.

The good news is: all dogs can benefit training in SAR. This is a multiple disciplinary adventure. K9s need advanced skills in obedience, agility and scent work. For those nervous dogs, you would be amazed how much confidence is learned.

We do not schedule K9 SAR classes on a regular basis and if you are interested please contact me for mor information

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