Project Description

Looking for a location to practice/train your K9 Partner, look no further. We have several fields/areas for practicing with your K9 partner and we are adding to our camp on a regular basis. Prices do vary due to size, equipment, or set up time required on my part.

You will need to set up an account on our online registration site the first time your reserve a field or take a class at Dog Pals Sports Camp. Once your account is set up and you meet with Jim for the first rental, reserving the field will be easy.

Check out our calendar on our home page or call me at 413-246-6506

Fields include:

K9 Competition Agility Field – (Cost $25.00 / hour up to 3 teams) Ring is 100′ x 110′ and is fully fenced. Equipment includes: A-Frame, Dog Walk, Teeter, Jumps (winged, single, tripple), Tunnels, Tire, 2×2 Weave Poles, and more

Dog Parkour/Urban Agility – (Cost $25.00 / hour up to 3 teams) Varying equipment and training areas. Equipment includes: Tire (variety), Steel/Wooden balance beams (various widths and lengths), Wobble boards, Exercise balls and Peanuts, Various 4 On and 2 On obstacles and more

K9 Iron Dog Course – (Cost $30.00 for 2 hours per team. Discounts available for 5 or more teams) an estimates 2 mile course placed on a 47 acre wooded private property. Course has a variety of man made and natural obstacles for both humans and dogs. A great way to get out enjoy the fresh air, train on new obstacles and help you and your dog overcome new challenges

Scent Work Training Areas – (Cost $25.00 / hour up to 3 teams)

Barn hunt / Happy Ratters Training Area – (Cost $25.00 / hour up to 3 teams)

Herding Fields – (Cost $40.00 / hour up to 2 teams)

Open Field – (Cost $25.00 / hour up to 3 teams)

You can choose the day and time slots that work for your schedule. Just click on the calendar link below for more descriptions and open time slots. You will need to meet with Jim prior to using the fields and equipment for for the first time. In most cases this can be completed just prior to using the field, but not always so please call first. After your initial meeting you can just reserve your time and use the fields.


General Rental Rules:

  • Each person renting any field or equipment must have an online account with Dog Pals
    • This includes any person using the field or equipment as part of a group
  • Each person entering Dog Pals Sports Camp must sign a waiver and release form
  • Person renting the field or equipment is responsible for any damage even if caused by another person in the renter’s group
  • You must clean up after your dog. Any person found not cleaning up can be removed and banned from any future rentals or events
  • Ensure your dog does not potty in any of the field locations or on equipment. If he/she does you must clean the area with cleaning products provided by Dog Pals
  • All fields and or equipment must me returned in the same condition you found it
  • All rentals are final with no refunds. If you cannot make a time and with prior permission, you can change rental time
  • If you are unable to use the field due to weather, you can change to any available date and time of your choosing.
  • You and your dog are not allowed to interact with any animals living on Dog Hill. This is for the safety of all persons, dogs and farm animals.
  • No person(s) or dog(s) are allowed near the home, livestock fields, storage areas, or other physical structures without prior permission.
  • If you are using rats from Dog Hill, you must keep them safe.
    • Out of direct sun light
    • Away from dogs unless being used for a search
    • Do not open rat tubes without having a secondary safety cage
      • Best to be returned to Jim for any reason
    • On hot days you must ensure they have water
  • Park in designated areas only