Dog Agility Classes

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Dog Agility Beginner

Are you interested in trying agility? Not sure what’s involved? Have you been competing in agility butare starting a new dog? Well this is the class for you.

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Dog Agility Post-Beginner

Well you are on the way. You have completed the Beginner class or your dog has some prior training and your ready to continue moving your training to a higher level This class is for you.

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Dog Agility Intermediate

Wow, you are moving right along, your dog has some pretty good skills, knows all the obstacles, you may be ready for competition or just want to keep practicing to get better. This class is for you.

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Dog Agility Avanced

You are probably competing in agility now, but practice and learning new skills is always important. You may have worked with your dog for a while and just want to try something new.

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Dog Agility Dog to Dog Issues

You have a dog and want to try teaching some new skills, but have a dog that cant handle group classes very well. In this class we limit the number of dogs to 4 to provide some space between your dog and other dogs and we will only allow one dog at a time in the ring for practice.

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