Health and Vaccination Protocol for Puppies to attend classes

Vaccine Protocol for Group Classes

Dog Pals / healthy Pets USA Vaccine Protocol requires that your puppy have received at least Parvo/Distemper and proof (from your vet) of a negative fecal (poop) test that screens for Giardia and Coccidia.  Pups can be as young as 9 weeks to start classes as long as they have received their first shot and have a negative fecal test.

If your dog is older than 6 months of age, the Rabies vaccine is also required in addition to the above negative fecal and Parvo/Distemper vaccine. Titer tests are acceptable as well.

We recommend that you bring your new puppy to the veterinarian during his first week at home to ensure a clean bill of health from wherever you adopted your pup (breeder or rescue). Bring a poop sample, and discuss your veterinarian’s vaccination protocol.

What if my veterinarian instructs me to wait until my puppy has had ALL his shots?

We recommend that you and your veterinarian read the Position Paper about Puppy Socialization from the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviorists. The article recommends that puppies get started on their vaccination series but also get started with socialization as early as 7-8 weeks of age.
You can download the article here


We are not veterinarians. Please consult your veterinarian and follow their advice. This information has been assembled because recommendations vary from one veterinarian to another and we found it confusing. This document explains the protocol that Pooch Pawsitive follows and what is required for your puppy to attend Puppy Classes, Puppy Socials, Puppy Preschool and Dog Daycare at our Center. We have determined this protocol after consultation with professionals in the veterinary field. If you are not sure about any of this, please discuss this with your veterinarian.

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